The highest standards of executed orders are supported by long-term guarantees granted for services provided. Executed orders are under constant control carried out by Process Engineers under the supervision of FROSIO Level III and SOLAS Inspectors. The products and technologies we use ensure that coating grades C1 to C5-M are obtained. The blasting system is based on semi-automatic Sciteex chambers to which a high-quality Cr, Cr-Ni product with fine particles of about 30um is selected that allows for cleaning of steel, cast steel, aluminum and non-ferrous metals. It is also an excellent base for preparing surfaces for coating in classes Sa1 to Sa3.

Cobalt Company Sp. z o.o. cooperates only with the largest and best coating manufacturers for which high quality is a priority. They include standard polyesters, Qualicoat paints, blends or deep epoxies, anti-bacterial products, products with increased scratch resistance, very deep mats, special paints, paints for the army, dry-to-dry painting system that allows applying two layers at the same time and many, many others that meet the highest requirements of our clients. We are able to ensure anti-corrosion and coating to over 100,000 m2 per month with the maximum size of spatial details up to 15 meters and weighing up to 5 tons.


In addition, we work with professional companies that under our supervision provide a range of services such as: laser cutting, plasma cutting, bending, welding, grinding, boring and milling, as well as with companies that can implement orders for us: zinc galvanizing, chromating, copper coating, cataphoresis. Thanks to the use of KAIZEN and 5S methods, our company meets the highest quality requirements regarding process supervision and control. There are no coincidences.