Over twenty years of experience in the industry of coatings for industry and corrosion protection, cooperation with many international global corporations, implemented quality improvement systems have allowed us to create a company which is a reliable and trustworthy business partner. Our engineers together with designers are able to provide you with comprehensive services in material processing. We work with many entities that provide a number of services under our supervision. Entrusting us with your projects, you receive a final product that meets your expectations.


  • highly qualified engineers
  • Paint Coating Inspectors (FROSIO)
  • employees with many years of experience
  • process technicians and engineers


  • powder coating
  • chemical surface preparation
  • anti-corrosion primers
  • top coat products
  • sand blasting


  • Process Quality Control
  • Full line supervision
  • Performance records
  • Quality inspections
  • Long-term guarantees


  • possibility of cataphoresis, galvanizing, copper-plating, chromating
  • laser or plasma cutting
  • mechanical processing including grinding, bending, cutting, welding


Laboratory tests:

  • aging tests in UV chambers
  • color tests
  • variable weather cycle tests in test chambers
  • mechanical resistance tests
  • tests in salt chambers


  • in the field of anti-corrosion
  • process and process economics
  • powder painting
  • application

Cobalt Company Sp. z o.o. is a company that grows very dynamically, is a highly flexible and highly professional company offering the highest quality service on the market. Our reputation has allowed us to enter the market of highly demanding customers for whom quality, service, guarantees and economics of projects are most important.

The combination of flexibility, know-how and cooperation with many international clients allowed us to create a company which is a reliable and trustworthy partner.