Woman in laboratoryCobalt Company Sp. z o.o. is not just a company providing services and cooperation; it is also a company conducting independent research in our well-equipped laboratory. Tests we perform are based on ISO, PN and EN. They are durability tests based on the following instruments:

  • salt chambers
  • climate chambers
  • UV aging tests
  • humidity tests
  • temperature tests
  • testing of variable weather cycles
  • color testing
  • hardness testing
  • surface roughness tests
  • mechanical strength tests
  • tightness testing of coatings
  • testing gloss level and coating thickness

Moreover, Cobalt Company Sp. z o.o. cooperates with research centers and institutes in Poland dealing with anti-corrosion and endurance issues. If you cooperate with us, we not only provide you with a high-quality service, but also with the opportunity to use our laboratory. Our staff is at your disposal.