• About the powder coating shop, we will take care of your material preparation

We have three modern painting lines with maximum working dimensions:

Powder coating shop efficiency: 100,000 m2/month

Maximum weight of the painted elements:

Opening hours: from 8:00 to 18:00

Express service: implementation time up to 5 hours

Optional organization of paid transport:
customer – Cobalt – customer
or customer – galvanizing plant – Cobalt – customer

More than 20 years of experience

Products with approvals

SciTeeX Shot blasting chamber

A chromium shot with hardness of 70HRC and solid granulation of 30 µm
We shot blast: aluminum, chromium nickel, steel, cast iron, cast steel

Why us?

With many years of experience, we create top quality coatings.

  • Najwyższa jakość malowania

    Top quality

    Powder-coated surfaces are characterized by high mechanical and anti-corrosion resistance as well as the desired structure and shade of paint coating. We control the entire process in our laboratory.

  • Najnowsza technika lakierowania w Dębicy na Podkarpaciu

    The latest technology

    Applied innovative methods of surface preparation and electrostatic application of powder paint and curing the coating in the polymerization chamber guarantees a durable and resistant paint coating.

  • Bogata oferta kolorów w malowaniu


    We offer painting with colors from the RAL, NCS and Pantone pallets with the possibility of choosing the degree of gloss with coating effects.

  • Cena malowania i lakierowania - poznaj nasz cennik

    Good price

    Prices of the services provided are individually agreed with the client.

  • Szybki czas malowania

    Implementation time

    Short lead time for order implementation is achieved thanks to experience in work organization.

  • Najnowszy park maszynowy w malarnii

    Machine park

    We have three independent lines for powder coating, a modern shot blasting chamber, and a well-equipped laboratory.

Powder coating shop

Welcome. We would like to interest you in our offer. Cobalt Company Sp. z o.o. is created by people with over 20 years of experience in industrial paints, coating and surface testing. This equates to millions of square meters of surfaces painted according to significant quality restrictions. It is cooperation with many worldwide, leading concerns. And last, but not least, these are many audits, inspections and cyclical trainings. Nothing is a coincidence. We are probably the only powder coating shop in Poland under constant control of the Paint Coating Inspector. Even the most modern varnishing line and the most advanced chemical products will not guarantee the correctness of the process that we can.

Cobalt Company Sp. z o.o. as the only one among several companies dealing with powder coating and corrosion protection in the country has a richly equipped research laboratory allowing for the study of advanced climate tests in extreme conditions over a given period of time, including temperatures below zero, extreme heat, fog, rain, variable weather cycles. Salt chamber and UV chamber tests guarantee top quality continuity in the entire process cycle over the years. Cooperation with many leading Research Institutes in the country allows us to continuously improve methods and product technologies. We encourage everyone for whom quality is most important to cooperate with us.

Cobalt Company Sp. z o.o.

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Surface preparation

Our experts will help you choose the optimal surface preparation method.

We offer:

* Methods of machining a detail such as shot blasting ensuring coating preparation for classes from Sa1 to Sa3.

* The chemical preparation process includes degreasing, iron phosphating, zinc phosphating, chromium-free passivation, etching, rinsing with demi water; we also provide alternative painting with zinc primers.


The key stage in providing a durable paint coating for aluminum is proper chemical preparation of surfaces such as: aluminum profiles, panel fences, balustrades, racks to ensure better adhesion of paint to the substrate.

Steel and cast steel

Selection of the optimal method of preparation for the level of contamination of the surface to be painted, so as to ensure maximum durability and lifetime of painting products such as: steel constructions, columns, components, springs, furniture.

Cast iron

The predominant technique of preparing the surface of iron castings for powder coating is still the abrasive blasting method. We blast grates, machine bodies, frames, pipes.

Anti-corrosion information

Appropriate chemical preparation of the surface of the painted element is a key step before the start of the painting process, guaranteeing the cleanliness of the surface and protecting it against corrosion.
Meeting the expectations of our clients, we offer modern chemical preparation services.

Automatic wash for chemical surface preparation

We have the only innovative automatic washing facility in the area for chemical surface preparation.

We guarantee 100% adhesion of the coating

Abrasive blasting with chromium-ball shot and using a 6-function device (chemical treatment, pre-rinse and rinsing with demi water) guarantees 100% paint adhesion and long-term guarantees.

Maximum quality of the obtained varnish coat

The washing facility owned by us is an innovative device that allows degreasing, phosphating, etching of galvanized elements, and passivation, ensuring maximum protection and quality of the obtained paint coating.

Systems of fire protection coatings

Elements in the fire protection coating system we offer have been classified for fire resistance classes: PN-EN 13501-2+A1 from R-15 to R-120.

We conduct training throughout Poland See more